Immunotherapy and Cell Vaccines


Immunotherapy broadly defined is the administration of substances that stimulate an immune response by the body.  These substances can include non-specific immune stimulants (eg, bacterial products), specific stimulants (eg, recombinant cytokines), allergy immunotherapy (allergy “shots”), or therapeutic vaccines.

Current evidence suggests that allergic diseases, chronic viral infections, and cancer are most likely to respond to immunotherapy. Goodgene has a cGMP certified cell bank and has been performing stem cell and cytokine therapy to international patients for over a decade.

We have the following patented technology:

  1. Non-viral gene delivery technology
  2. Expression vector development
  3. Plasmid DNA/RNA mass production, clinical grade

We have developed or are developing a variety of genetic therapeutic products and dendritic cell-derived immune cell therapeutics of the following targets:

Target disease: malignancies (cervix, prostate, lung, brain, liver, etc), infectious diseases (HBV, HSV, HPV, HIV, COVID-19, etc), autoimmune diseases

To extend and translate this work internationally into the clinical realm, we are searching for laboratories to collaborate for the commercialization and widespread use of our technology.

To collaborate with us for immunotherapy: