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COVID-19 testing kits

GG COVID-19 Qplex Real-Time PCR

The GG COVID-19 Qplex Real-Time PCR Kit was designed to detect open reading frame (ORF1ab, RdRP, and nucleoprotein (N) based on the genomic database of COVID-19. Reverse transcription and RT-PCR are carried out sequentially in the same tube. All components required for reaction are added during setup, and there is no need to add additional components once the reaction has been started, which is a very fast and will give satisfactory results in most cases.

Pan-Res Virus DNA chip

By using a US-patented DNA microarray technology, GoodGene has developed a novel DNA microarray which can detect clinically important respiratory virus in entirety which can infect human or both human and animals. This Pan-Res Virus DNA chip can detect and genotype respiratory viruses including influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and COVID-19. It is a semi-automated assay. It takes around 3 hours for two or three laboratory scientists to test hundreds of sample.

HPV DNA chip

The DNA chips can analyze the 40 types of HPV found in cervical, diagnose complex infection by at least one type of HPV, and have excellent diagnostic sensitivity and specificity on HPV genetic type up to 100% and reproducibility. Also, the DAN chips are superior to conventional analytic method, and very economical, since they can analyze numerous specimens in shortest time. Accordingly, the DNA chips are useful for predicting cervical cancer and precancerous lesion.

Cancer testing

The CTC Gene Expression Analysis is comprised of Real-Time PCR testing of cancer markers and microarray testing of cancer markers. Real-time PCR is the gold-standard technique for verification of differential gene expression profiles. Our comprehensive offering of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays and flexible formats enables fast and cost-effective results. Microarrays are designed with up-to-date content from public sequence data sources, and enable fast, detailed transcriptome-wide expression profiling, even from challenging and precious samples with no bioinformatics resources required.

Good Gene company history

Biotech company for 20 years

cGMP certified by Korean FDA and ISO 13485, we have been manufacturing and selling a number of molecular testing tools including PCR kits and DNA microarrays for the detection of infectious disease, cancer and guiding genomic information-based tailor-made treatment of infectious diseases and cancers for 20 years.


Immunotherapy and Stem Cell therapy

Stem cells and cytokines Cell bank


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